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Foxnuts (Makhana)

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  • Green Bite Phool Makhana 250 g



    Brand GREEN BITE
    Veg/Non-Veg Vegetarian
    Country of origin/manufacturer/assembly INDIA
    Pack Type Pouch
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  • Nutripine Signature Almond (Mamra) 250gm


    Health Benefits of Almonds


    Protect You from Heart Disease

    Are almonds good for your heart? You bet! In addition to giving you glowing skin, vitamin E in almonds can help your heart as well. A study in the Journal of Nutrition found that diets high in vitamin E are linked with lower rates of heart disease. Try snacking on a handful of almonds or whipping up a heart-healthy salad for lunch.


    Help Digestion

    Almonds are a great source of fiber, Taking You from Label to Table. Eating a handful of almonds or drinking a glass of almond milk can keep your gastrointestinal tract moving and prevent constipation (here are a few more foods that can keep things moving, so to speak). Almonds can also promote healthy bacteria in your gut. This can help you digest your food and even fight off illness.


    Eliminate Cravings

    If you find yourself always reaching for a chocolate chip cookie when that afternoon slump hits, try keeping a dish of almonds on your desk. Their salty crunch is known to squelch cravings, says Bonnie. And if you can’t get that sweet tooth out of your mind, make some candied nuts right in your slow cooker.


    Add Shine to Dull Hair

    If dry winter air has left you with brittle hair, reach hair products with almond oil. Its healthy fatty acids help strengthen hair and add texture. When you use hair products with almond oil, the fats absorb into your hair, keeping each strand strong and shiny.


    Promote Healthy Cells

    Not only are almonds packed with healthy fats and protein, but they’re also rich in antioxidants. These plant compounds can protect your cells from oxidation and premature aging. For an antioxidant-rich snack, enjoy a bowl of almonds and berries. Or skip the fruit and go decadent with this almond bacon cheese crostini.


    Lower Cholesterol

    Almonds are one of the best foods for naturally lowering your cholesterol. Studies show that eating almonds can lower LDL or “bad” cholesterol levels. They’re also quick and convenient, so you’ll never have to rely on vending machine food for a snack. Throw a pack in your car for easy snacking on the go.


    Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

    Start your day right with a bowl of breakfast cereal sprinkled with almonds. Studies show that eating almonds with your cereal slows down the absorption of the carbohydrates in the cereal, says Bonnie. This buffering effect from the protein and fats in almonds has been proven to lower your risk for developing high blood sugar and diabetes.

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